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I have been fascinated with figuring out how things work for as long as I can remember.  As a young child, I used to tear apart watches, toasters, bicycles and toys.  As a teen, I took every shop class offered in school, repaired my moped and my prized possession - a 1970 VW Bug.

As I got older, I accumulated more and more tools and equipment.  I began building things for my house (i.e., cabinets, furniture) and I tackled numerous home improvement projects. Along the way, I designed and built solutions for my shop that made it more organized, cleaner, safer and more efficient.  These inventions were made from scraps and repurposed parts I had laying around the shop.  They were functional but hardly marketable.  This all changed when I purchased a 3D printer.  Now I could design shop solutions in CAD, print prototypes and test them until I perfected my designs.  It was clear to me that these products would be popular so I learned how to manufacture them and started this company.  Earning a living in my shop is a dream come true.

Our premier product, The Extractor - Drill Press Dust Collection, finally solves the messy problem of using the drill press.  Other solutions will be added to this site in the near future.


I am certain my products will make your shop cleaner, more organized, more efficient and more enjoyable. I am committed to providing excellent products with outstanding customer service.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns.

Carpenter at Work
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