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Testimonials from our happy customers and woodworking professionals.

Concrete Wall
Drill pres dust collection testimonial

Greg P.
West Chester, PA

WOW what a difference!


I work with wood as a hobby and the area around my drill is always a mess with wood debris. The Extractor is so easy to setup and use. A lot of thought went into this, the light makes it easy to see what you're doing.  I set mine up using a shop vac (can also be set up using a dedicated vacuum system) now I have a clean area that my wife approves of. Great product!

drill press dust collection testimonial

Henry H.
Wilmington, NC

Great product, better seller!


I've never been able to find or create a good dust collection solution for my DP - until now.  This really works well!  And Trish, the owner/creator is extremely responsive and helpful.  I love supporting small business owners with great products!

drill press dust collection testimonial

Paul Akers
Founder and President

A great innovation!


Trish showed me her product and sent me one and I was blown away with how thoughtfully it was developed, and how well it worked.


I highly recommend this product. Trish has worked so hard to produce an amazing New and innovative product for woodworkers. 

drill press dust collection testimonial

Logan Wittmer
Popular Woodworking

The Extractor works pretty freaking well!!

drill press dust collection testimonial

Will Sampson
Editorial Director

The Extractor is very well designed and very clever!

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