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Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Extractor fit on my drill press?

Yes, it fits on any drill press. If you have a fence with built-in dust collection, you simply attach The Extractor to the fence by using your t-track (it fits on fences with the t-track on the face and on the top of the fence) or you can clamp it to the fence if you do not have a t-track. You can also attach it directly to your dust collection hose.


Does The Extractor make it difficult to get pinpoint accuracy?

Not at all.  You can still get pinpoint accuracy without any trouble. We have a video demonstrating this here:


Will The Column Bracket fit on my drill press?

Yes, the kit includes everything you'll need no matter what size drill press you have.  It has been tested on drill presses ranging from the largest (20" swing) to the smallest (8" swing).  It fits them all.


What modifications will I need to make to my drill press for The Extractor to work?



Can I use this with any size hose?

Yes! It comes with a 4" hose clamp so, if your hose is smaller (shop vac, 2-1/4" or 2-1/2"), you'll just need to provide a reducing coupler that allows you to connect your hose to a 4" port.  You can get these at just about any hardware store, online or print your own if you have a 3D printer.


How well does The Extractor work with a shop vacuum?

It works very well with shop vacuums.  Of course, large dust collectors will do a better job of eliminating all the dust and shavings trapped by The Extractor but, no matter what sort of vacuum system you use, The Extractor will trap virtually all dust and debris your drill press can throw at it.  Here’s a video demonstrating how well a shop vacuum works with The Extractor:


Will The Column Bracket work on drill presses with rack and pinion table lift systems?

Yes!  The Column Bracket will ride along the side of the rack rather than being placed at any spot on the column.  Spacers are provided in case they are needed to center The Extractor under the chuck.  A rubber pad is provided to protect the rack from getting scratched by the hose clamp.

How do you set up The Extractor?

Here’s a video that shows you how to set up The Extractor and all the accessories:

Who manufactures your products?

We do!  Everything is designed and manufactured in my basement right here in Davenport, Iowa!  Here's a video of the manufacturing process:

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